14 July 2015

A new and simplified 9thbit.co.za!

Simple Content Framework

This site is generated using the static site generator JBake. What this
means is that the entire site is assembled and generated, or baked, offline.
The baked static content can then be uploaded to any web server for online

JBake provides the following benefits:

All of the current content on this site is authored using the Markdown
syntax. A sample page is provided to showcase the Markdown syntax.

Folder Structure

JBake enforces a simple working folder structure to organise design elements and
content. The image below illustrates the JBake working folder structure.

JBake Working Folder Structure

Content Folder

The 9th bit content folder is structured based on the fixed navigation bar
at the top of the page. Each of the navigation bar items correspond to a
directory in the content folder, which in turn correspond to a content
category. The table below describe the content folders and categories:

Navbar Item Content Folder Content Category
Solutions solutions Solutions
Consulting consulting Consulting
Products products Products
Partners partners Partners
Resources resources Resources
About about About
  news News
Content Folders and Categories

The navigation bar items provide dropdown menus for each content category. All
of the published pages linked to a specific category will show up in the
corresponding drop down menu dynamically.

The first menu item in each dropdown menu provides a link to a page that
summarises the content category. The summary page displays the first 50 words
of each page in the category followed by a link to the page. Pages with
less than 50 words are not displayed on the summary page.

The Jumbotron and News categories serve a special purpose:

It is important to note that the items of the navigation bar are fixed. Changes
must be applied to the site templates to add additional items to the
navigation bar.

Content Header

Each Markdown file in the content directory must contain a header to convey
important information. Below is an example of a Markdown file with the
required header:

title=Latest Feature
summary=Featured article/news 1.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

The header starts at the beginning of the file and is delimited using 5
consecutive ~ (tilde) characters. The table below describe the header fields:

Header Description
title Page/Post title
date Authored date
type post or page
tags Comma separated list of tags. Optional
status published or draft
category 9th Bit content category
summary Short summary or abstract. Optional
Content Header

Only pages and posts with a published status is rendered in the final output.

The date and summary headers are especially important when targeting
content to the Jumbotron and News categories.

Setting up JBake

Use the following instructions to install and configure JBake.

Use the following instructions to generate and view the site locally: