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We work with market-leading partners to combine experience and capability to implement technologies that best suit your business.

DevSecOps and the Software Supply Chain

In today’s interconnected world, software supply chain security plays a crucial role in safeguarding applications and systems from potential threats. A compromised software supply chain can have far-reaching consequences, including data breaches, malware distribution, and unauthorised access to critical systems.

Application Integration

In a modern software architecture integration capabilities should be distributed. Software development teams should be able to implement and deploy integration solutions, efficiently where it is needed.

Distributed Data Platform and DataOps

In today’s digital economy, data still remains the cornerstone for running a successful business. With the adoption of hybrid cloud and modern software architectures like microservices, cloud native and serverless, it is essential for organisations to continually improve and refine their data architecture.

We are the 9TH BIT

A bit – a contraction of binary digit – is the basic capacity of information in computing and telecommunications. A bit represents either a 1 or 0, and a value represented by 8 bits is referred to as a byte.

9TH BIT was started by a group of individuals passionate about Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

On EAI projects our team always find itself confronted with emerging technology and the established applications and technology that operate within most enterprises. Our unique position has enabled us to identify technology vendors that compliment each other in all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle to the benefit of our customers.

We partner with you to implement technologies that best suit your business and the maturity of your software supply chain.

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Red Hat Integration empowers developers to create, extend, and deploy container-based integration services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, to connect and share data between the applications and systems required in a digital world.

Sonatype is the leading provider of DevOps tools to automate modern software supply chains. As the creators of Apache Maven, the Central Repository, and Nexus Repository, Sonatype pioneered componentized software development and has a rich history of supporting open source innovation.

9TH BIT Consulting partners with Couchbase who is part of the $35 billion database market and has quickly built a reputation among the Fortune 500 as the performance and scalability leader among NoSQL vendors. Developers around the world build enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications on the Couchbase data management platform to support massive data volumes in real time.

Troubleshooting is fundamentally a data challenge. Better observability data means faster remediation and more reliable operations. StackState provides engineers with all the data they need to troubleshoot their applications. enables technology driven enterprises to accelerate digital transformation with the AI-powered DevOps Platform. By unifying, securing, and generating predictive insights across the software lifecycle. empowers teams to continuously deliver software with greater quality and security, propels innovation to find new market opportunities, and enhances business value by making smarter software investments.

9TH BIT Consulting partners with DBmaestro to assist customers to bring the database into the world of Agile DevOps. With DBmaestro we deliver the same level of control over the database as normally would be expected with code while focusing on managing the lifecycle of database changes and aligning those changes with the application lifecycle process.

9TH BIT Consulting has partnered with Delphix to provide a world-class DataOps solution to our customers.

DataOps is the alignment of people, process and technology to enable more agile and automated approaches to data management. It aims to provide easier access to data to meet the demands of various stakeholders who are part of the data supply chain (developers, data scientists, business analysts, DevOps professionals, etc.) in support of a broad range of use cases.

The most complete Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). Prisma Cloud secures applications from code to cloud, enabling security and DevOps teams to effectively collaborate to accelerate secure cloud-native application development and deployment.

The Fastest and Most Widely Used Software Load Balancer.

HAProxy Enterprise is the industry’s leading software load balancer. It powers modern application delivery at any scale and in any environment, providing the utmost performance, observability and security.

Replicate data from any major RDBMS or NoSQL to Couchbase Server and Capella in real-time, bi-directionally. Here is just a sample of the ever-increasing number of relational and non-relational databases Gluesync supports as replication sources to Couchbase: DynamoDB, IBM Db2, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP ASE and HBase.